The theater of distraction

As predicted the House of Representatives today put on a national distraction today by putting together a "resolution of disapproval" for Rep Wilson's outburst last week. What makes this typical "politics as usual" is the fact that many of the same people opposed censure of Rep. Pete Stark for his bizarre comments on the House floor in 2007 (hat tip Gateway Pundit) and there was no admonishment for the Democrats booing during Bush's 2005 state of the union address.The entire exercise is nothing more than bad theater.  The current leadership of the House doesn't want to deal with a host of issues, from the highly unpopular House medical/insurance/health care reform bill to the ethical violations of some of it's highest ranking members. More importantly to the leftists this distraction will take us another news cycle away from the recent protests where hundreds of thousands of people marched on Washington DC to protest the direction our government is...(Read Full Post)