Shipping News (Updated)

A few weeks ago, rather buried in other news was an odd report of a Russian ship which apparently had been hijacked after picking up “timber “in Finland. Various conflicting accounts of its whereabouts and cargo and the details of the hijacking appeared and I could find no consistent picture of what had occurred though it certainly aroused my suspicions.Today we have accounts in the overseas press, which might help us figure out what happened. The online friend (Professor Charles Lipson) who alerted me to these stories accurately says:"This is like something from a Tom Clancy novel, with the Mossad tipping the Russians, who then stopped gun-running former Russian military officers who were selling high-tech anti-aircraft weapons to Iran.  Still, there are some obvious lingering questions, particularly whether this really traces back to the Kremlin itself, which might have been using cut-outs, since it is hard to imagine that former officers could get hold of the...(Read Full Post)