Scoring Points

What can President Obama say in his address to Congress on health care next week that will turn the tide in favor of Obamacare? Based on past performance, here are some points he's likely to include:1.  A reference to the 'mess' left by his predecessor. 2.  A nod to Ted Kennedy, noting that health care was Kennedy's crusade.  He'll be careful not to appear to exploit Kennedy's death.3.  A reference to spiraling health care costs and their impact on individuals and businesses as a reason why we must do something.4.  An assurance that ObamaCare will be budget-neutral.5.  A reference to the 'mess' left by his predecessor.6.  Heart-string-tugging anecdotes about uninsured individuals or people who could not obtain the care they needed.  This will likely include at least one story about someone who lost a home, job, car or limb.  One or more such individuals will be present at the speech. 7.  A call for bipartisanship or postpartisanship...(Read Full Post)