Obama throwing black supporters under the bus

I have a suggestion for Gov. David Paterson of New York, recently asked by an associate of Barack Obama to not run for election (not reelection, as he became Governor when Eliot Spitzer resigned) for the office of New York Governor. I have to admire Gov. Paterson's courage to stand up for himself, even though I don't agree with his politics, nor do I commend his record as Governor of New York.William Katz at Urgent Agenda has said:"What's a president to do?  Now, it's true, Obama has a history of throwing friends under the bus and embracing enemies, so maybe this doesn't upset him all that much.  But the other friends have gone under the bus willingly.  Paterson is pulling a Rosa Parks."I would suggest that Gov. Paterson take this verbal comparison to the next step by making a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, and having a press conference alongside one of the Museum's most famous exhibits, the Rosa Parks Bus.  Yes, he could stand...(Read Full Post)