'Hope' without youth employment

In 2009, Obamaholics and anyone who loves employment are learning what cheesy campaign slogans – from “Hope” to “Change” – mean. “Yes, We Can!” It sounds so laughably Jimmy Carter-like. This is not 2008; the campaign is over, and unlike Beltway Democrats, today's teenagers are paying the price.Sure. Many young adults voted for Obama – and will have to learn to live with the consequences of their actions. Still, on the other side, a significant minority of young people didn’t vote for The One. And teenagers? It is hardly fair to blame non-voting citizens for the sins of tax-and-spend liberals.This is Catherine Rampell in Oh What a Time to Be Young! (Economix: The New York Times, September 4, 2009):Pity the unemployed, but especially pity the teenage unemployed.According to today’s job report, the overall unemployment rate (the percentage of people in the labor force not working but looking for work) in August rose to...(Read Full Post)