Ayers to defile Purdue University

William Ayers will appear at Purdue University on September 24th as a panelist about urban schools as part of the first annual Cummings-Perrucci Annual Lecture on Race, Class, and Gender Equality. Ayers will hit the campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, according to a story in today’s Lafayette Journal & Courier under the curious headline “Ex-radical to attend forum at Purdue.” Ex-radical? According to the story, some groups are already organizing protests against Ayers and the university. Political Science professor Harry Targ – who was singled out in David Horowitz’s book as one of America’s most dangerous academics – takes his cue from the Obama playbook to downplay the protests and further cloud the murky past, saying it is “foolish” to make a political issue out of the Arers appearance: “I assume he was invited because of his competency in education,” Targ said, apparently unaccompanied by a laugh...(Read Full Post)