A Liar for Sure

The debate will continue as to the legitimacy of Congressman Wilson's charge against the president, "You lie!" But one thing we know for sure now is that a leading contender for the Democratic nomination, a man Barack Obama could have selected as vice president, is a liar for sure, damned certain. John Edwards, who calmly reassured American voters that he was not the father of that love child but merely the victim of a supermarket tabloid, and in the process of circling his wagons enlisted many of those around him to corrupt themselves, is now facing possible indictment for misuse of campaign funds in the attempted cover-up.More revealing and infinitely more disgusting is the revelation that Edwards was planning a New York skyscraper top wedding with his paramour just as soon as his cancer-stricken wife had died. And just to impress his young mistress with his cool, John Boy was going to have the Dave Matthews band providing the entertainment. How Edwards' dying wife can...(Read Full Post)