White House in disarray over public option

So is it still in or not? Not even the White House knows at this point.This was made evident by the Obama administration walking to the edge of eliminating the public option and then scurrying back. This kind of thing, by all rights, should have spurred a host of stories and opinion pieces on the total, laughable incompetence of the president and his people. Of course, it won't. The press is still in "protect at all costs" mode - but it's hard for the reader not to draw their own conclusions about the level of stupidity being exhibited by Obama and his crew of hapless dolts - the gang that can't talk straight about health care reform.You have Democratic senators like Kent Conrad proclaiming the death of the public option in the senate. Then you have Obama himself at a town hall meeting saying that the public option "is not essential" to reform. This was echoed by Obama's HHS secretary Kathy Sebelius who said two different things to two different TV shows yesterday....(Read Full Post)