The sound you hear is the public option swirling down the drain

When the #2 Democrat in the senate basically admits that any reform bill's chances of passage will increase substantially if it doesn't contain a public option, you know that it's days may be numbered.Fox is reporting:The No. 2 Senate Democrat said Sunday that he's "open" to health care reform that doesn't include a government-run "public option," the latest indication that the Democrats' package could be scaled back as Senate negotiators try to hammer out a bipartisan compromise and constituents flood town halls to express discontent with the current legislation. The so-called public option is a hot topic of debate at town hall meetings across the country. Supporters say it's needed to keep private insurance companies in check and extend affordable coverage to all. Critics warn that the government should not have so much control over health care and that a public option could eventually eliminate private insurance. The Senate...(Read Full Post)