Sweden's blood libel of Israel gets worse (updated)

The story of Sweden's blood libel against Israel gets uglier. Evidence mounts that Swden actually funded the ‘researchers" who charged the IDF with selling body parts of Palestinians. 

That Sweden was the focal point for this kind of vicious libel is not surprising.  But the more important point is that each month now, it seems, new lines are crossed in what is deemed acceptable commentary on Israel in the world press. The demonization of Israel that is breaking out all over, closely resembles  the demonization of Jews in Nazi Germany before World War War 2. It is the path to making elimination more acceptable. Jews then, Israel now.

Update from Larrey Anderson:

The editor of the Swedish newspaper which published the blood libel admits there is
no proof.
In an editorial headlined "The week the world went crazy'', Aftonbladet chief editor Jan Helin wrote that the first article on the case published last Monday "lacked'' proof of any organ theft.

"I'm not a Nazi. I'm not an anti-Semite. I'm a responsible editing executive who gave the green light to the publication of an article because it asks a number of pertinent questions.''

The tabloid followed up its original story that claimed Israeli soldiers had snatched Palestinian youths to steal their organs with an interview with the family of an alleged victim.

Two Aftonbladet reporters interviewed the mother and brother of Bilal Achmad Ghanem, a youth allegedly killed by Israeli troops 17 years ago when he was 19 on suspicion of being a ringleader in the first Palestinian uprising.

Reader Dave Hello calls our attention to a satirical post from the Israeli site Ynet, demonstrating the ridiculousness iof the Swedish report. In
Hebrew and a google translation: "[Do] Swedish soldiers cut off the feet of the Norwegian fishermen to prepare the traditional salmon occupied? Stockholm: This publication [AntiSweden]"