Stop Telling Me That Everything in My Country is Broken!

Progressives and politicians on the left are trying to make us believe that we are living in a massive dump stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.  According to them, every institution and every system that comprises our great country is broken and must be completely replaced by those in power because they are the ones who know what is best for the rest of us.They tell us that healthcare is broken, Social Security is broken, immigration is broken-the auto industry, agriculture, mortgage companies, the banking system, Wall Street, the census bureau-all are broken.  No one denies that some programs and institutions do need updating. Some need a fine tuning, others need cracks filled or dents repaired.  Still others will heal themselves or they simply require the implementation of maintenance procedures or application of laws that already exist, but are not enforced.We don't need to demolish everything and...(Read Full Post)