Reimagining Government

The section of the White House website entitled "Delivering on Change" has been changed, according to ProPublica, the non-profit newsroom that enables people to monitor changes at the site.  A comparison of the before-and-after versions provides a small word-picture of an administration revising some of its more audacious claims. "Delivering on Change" used to read as follows:The President arrived facing an unprecedented array of challenges, and has met them with a bold, comprehensive plan. He passed the most ambitious recovery package in history to address the economic crisis.  He kept faith with the American people through a government that is open, transparent, and accountable. And he restored America's alliances abroad, as well as our American values here at home.  [Emphasis added].The underlined words have been changed, to reflect a somewhat different level of achievement and a somewhat different goal.  Someone at the White House must have...(Read Full Post)