Rasmussen: 57% oppose socialized medicine (updated)

An interesting poll from Scott Rasmussen that shows only 37% of likely voters supporting a single payer health care system while 57% oppose it:Other findings in the poll: Fifty-two percent (52%) believe such a system would lead to a lower quality of care while 13% believe care would improve. Twenty-seven percent (27%) think that the quality of care would remain about the same. Forty-five percent (45%) also say a single-payer system would lead to higher health care costs while 24% think lower costs would result. Nineteen percent (19%) think prices would remain about the same. There's wide political disagreement over the single-payer issue. Sixty-two percent (62%) of Democrats favor a single-payer system, but 87% of Republicans are opposed to one. As for those not affiliated with either major party, 22% favor a single-payer approach while 63% are opposed. What's intriguing from my perspective is that even those who support a single payer, government run health care system believe costs...(Read Full Post)