Media Matters Firing up Anti-Birther Machine

This just in my email box from those leftist guerrilla warriors over at Media Matters.  They are launching an ad campaign to attack Lou Dobbs for mentioning the birth certificate controversy.From the announcement email, really a shakedown for funds (Is George Soros starting to lose money now too?):"As countless other media figures criticize Dobbs, CNN is making a mockery of its claim of being "the most trusted name in news." Jon Klein, the network's president, continues to downplay Dobbs' promotion of the birther theories, saying he is merely covering "the phenomenon of the doubters" -- even though Dobbs himself has questioned the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate. CNN can't continue to condone Dobbs' birtherism and expect to be taken seriously. Jon Klein owes viewers -- and his network -- more. So what's next?"This week, we are launching a major television ad campaign against CNN and Lou Dobbs. We have purchased airtime on Dobbs'...(Read Full Post)