Malthus, Obama, and AT's James Lewis

One of AT's most popular frequent contributors is James Lewis, as clear thinking a writer we publish here.In addition to a piece in today's AT on Hillary Clinton, James has a slam bang piece featured at Pajamas Media that outlines President Obama's "Malthusian Lock Box" thinking about health care.In short, health care is not a zero sum game; someone's use of the health care system does not mean that someone else loses. All can benefit through intelligent management of the system that would seek to expand health care rather than ration it.James, in his inimitable style, uses the example of the Inuits to highlight Obama's thinking:The Inuit of the Arctic used to sacrifice their old people to save food for the rest of the clan during the long winters. The elders were expected to commit suicide. As they ran low on food and fuel, as sled dogs were slaughtered and eaten, the old ones walked into the long night and died. It made sense because there was a limited amount of ...(Read Full Post)