Labor boss gaffe: Telling the truth about taxes

Big labor has opened its mouth and scored a huge blow against liberal tax policy. From the HuffPo, regarding Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO:

Trumka's remarks were echoed privately by several other labor officials at the convention in Pittsburgh. In particular, the emerging Senate FinanceCommittee plan - which seems unlikely to contain a public option and could end up taxing pricey health care packages - seems almost guaranteed to incite the unions.

"We'll oppose it," Trumka said, when asked about any bill that ends the tax exemption for employer coverage. "It's actually a stupid concept because if you tax those that have it to pay for those that don't, eventually those that have [benefits] won't. Then who do you ultimately tax?" [emphasis added]

Uh, exactly. That's what conservatives have been saying about confiscatory tax policy for decades. I think more needs to be made of these snafu's.  When cornered, it is amazing what you can get a liberal to admit.