Obama is working for us now!

As I was thinking how Obama is losing support left and right, and how every time he speaks in public (un-teleprompted), it proves to almost everyone with a functioning brain just how genuinely incompetent he is, it occurred to me: Obama is working for us now!

That's right, he works for us.  Not just as the proverbial citizen "us," but "us" as Americans whose goal is to guarantee we do not have another Democratic House, Senate, or President next term.  Think about it, he is our biggest ally.  No one can discredit the Democratic Party, and highlight the fact that they are truly a band of clowns, any more or any faster than one Barack Hussein Obama.

So he is working on our project now, for us.  Now granted, he certainly isn't the sharpest employee we have, but he is quite possibly the most important.  No one can achieve his degree of success in driving down the approval ratings, and changing the hearts and minds of next election's voters, better than the 44th president.

Although we have every intention of firing him promptly in November of 2012, let's all get behind him and encourage him to keep introducing his vision of "health care," (complete with the proposed death panels and all the government's intrusion into our personal finances and medical records), and approve of his cabinet appointments and secretary posts (no matter what criminal records they may have), and praise his choice for a decidedly biased Supreme Court Justice, and applaud the government takeover of the auto industry, and stop questioning his eligibility (if it takes a Kenyan to accomplish this goal, so be it), so he can continue our ... er ... his mission.

Heck, he may even become our employee of the year!
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