Kennedy, the KGB and American Media

Regardless of whether Ted Kennedy broke the law or even committed treason in cozying up to the KGB, he proposed to orchestrate a complete media show not only manipulating news, but doing so in an intentionally dishonest way.Some excerpts from his message (my emphases):  "It is important to note the majority of Americans do not read serious newspapers or periodicals..."Kennedy asks Y. V. Andropov to consider inviting the senator to Moscow for a personal meeting ... to arm Soviet officials with explanations... so they may be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA ... "Kennedy thinks the benefit of a meeting with Y. V. Andropov will be enhanced if he could also invite one of the well known Republicans, for example, Mark Hatfield..."Kennedy believes that in order to influence Americans it would be important to organize ... televised interviews with Y. V. Andropov in the USA... television is the most effective method of mass media and...(Read Full Post)