Israeli army kills Palestinians and harvests their organs: Swedish paper

This fantasy has been advanced by the paranoid Arab press for years. But it's still shocking to see it in a western newspaper.And it's not hidden away in some dark corner of the newspaper, as Morten Berthelsen and Barak Ravid of Haaretz report:A leading Swedish newspaper reported this week that Israeli soldiers are abducting Palestinians in order to steal their organs, a claim that prompted furious condemnation and accusations of anti-Semitic blood libel from a rival publication. "They plunder the organs of our sons," read the headline in Sweden's largest daily newspaper, the left-leaning Aftonbladet, which devoted a double spread in its cultural section to the article. The report quotes Palestinian claims that young men from the West Bank and Gaza Strip had been seized by the Israel Defense Forces, and their bodies returned to the families with missing organs. "'Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors,' relatives of Khaled from Nablus said to me, as did the...(Read Full Post)