Hugo Chavez the Main Attraction in Venezuela's Revolutionary Circus

Despite a rather clumsy translation, the words of Alexander Cambero in Caracas' El Universal courageously expose the embarrassment and chagrin of the people of Venezuela who suffer under the ham-fisted regime of Hugo Chavez:"With Hugo Chávez, the mediocre ones ascended the throne. Their filthy hatred of anyone displaying talent, integrity and success is understandable....our nightmare shows that all that rottenness can be held after a decade, due to the resignation of most of the nationals who seek the government money which bought their consciences. All the government agencies vanished in the hands of the puppet. The laughing stock of world summits allots the Venezuelan money, like the old comedians of village circuses....To sum up, we have a trashy government."Brave words indeed when one considers the all-out assault upon the media that has become a staple of the Chavez thugocracy.  Back in July, the melon-headed bully began a review of radio station licenses...(Read Full Post)