Got that mojo workin'

The Democrat political edge so talked about a few months ago seems to have dulled.  The words "sleeping giant" are being invoked to describe the town hall phenomenon sweeping America. This is correct, up to a point.  Many of those who rallied behind Obama were fashionistas in pursuit of the latest trend, in this case, support of a charismatic person. Fashion is a very shaky foundation for a political movement, because what's in one year is by the definition of fashion out the next.  Many more were in love with the idea of voting for an articulate black man who promised to transcend both race and partisanship, an ideal that was eroding even before the inauguration.  In either case, a cult of personality was more in evidence than a concrete set of political beliefs.   Those protesting today in town halls have a belief system and a bigger stake in the outcome than making a feel good fashion statement. Another...(Read Full Post)