GOP turns the tables on Dems

The Democratic National Committee's attack ad "Enough of the Mob," disparaging those citizens exercising their Constitutional right to disagree with their elected officials, ends by encouraging viewers to call the Republican National Committee, (number conveniently provided) to "tell them you've had enough of the mob."   

The RNC has given its own twist to this DNC attack,  now answering the phone with a recorded message asking callers to press one if they are responding to the DNC video.  Those that do are conveniently given a phone number to call "to give us your feedback on the Democratic National Committee's advertisement." Ever mannerly, the recording concludes "Thanks so much and have a great day."

And what number is the RNC giving out?  Why, the producers of the ad, the DNC.   

Brian Montopoli of CBS News asked  

RNC chairman Michael Steele, who held a conference call this afternoon, why the RNC is redirecting the callers, noting that Republicans believe Americans should have the right to complain to Democrats at town hall meetings and elsewhere.

Steele responded that "we are not inciting anyone to go out and disrupt anything."

"We are encouraging people to visit their congressman or their senator," he said. "As citizens they have a right to express their points of view."

Steele, sounding angry, then said, "don't sit there and think that you're going to direct a bunch of angry liberals to call the RNC when I know full well what that's all about." He added that he gets "the joke."

Steele went on to complain about the "arrogance" of an Obama administration that he said was looking down its nose at his mother, sister, family members and coworkers.

"To sit back and say that this is some Republican cabal is a bunch of baloney," he said. "And you can substitute that B for something else if you want."

Steele added that callers should "talk to your own party because they're the ones that are ginning this nonsense up."

He concluded his comments by saying, "and besides, I thought it was a good idea."

Hey mobsters, if you think this is a "good idea," contact the DNC, info conveniently provided  by, and tell them what you think about a government takeover of this personal matter of your health care.

Democratic National Committee

430 S Capitol Street Southeast,

Washington, DC  20003

Or, as Lee Carey pointed
out yesterday, you can turn yourselves in by sending an e mail to   Remember, if you do, the great President Barack Obama (D) communications team  will now have your contact info.  But you have the Constitutional right to remain silent.  And to talk back to those government officials and tell them what you think, you mobster!