Proud member of the right wing 'mob'

What do you call US citizens who question their representatives about proposed government measures as allowed in the US Constitution?  Well, if you're the Democratic National Committee you run an ad opposing these citizens, called "Enough of the Mob." 

That's right, citizens who express an opinion opposite of the ruling party are called part of a mob.  

Our community organizer President Barack Obama (D) and his acolytes are following his mentor, radical Saul Alinsky, in dealing with the opposition--Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It.    Humiliate those who do not agree with Our Leader, denigrate them, mock them for having the nerve to express a heartfelt opinion on an intimate matter that deeply affects them and thus marginalize them as of no significance.

Hey that's Democratic politics for you.  Of, by and for the people--as long as you agree with The Leader.  No diversity, pluralism or multi culturalism allowed.