Dems Demonizing Scooters

Senator Claire McCaskill at a town hall meeting in Sedalia, MO, tried to spin senior scooters as a marginal preference issue, one that should be discouraged in favor of walking. Here is what she said:"And that is, how many of you have seen the ads for scooters? [laughter] The ads for scooters. You can get a free scooter. Now think about that. It's not a free scooter. Guess who's paying for it? We're paying for it. Now why do we have a system that is marketing and foisting upon many people that may not want 'em, a scooter, 'cause it's free? Well, it's because we pay to get people scooters. Now, which is healthier? If you're on that borderline that it'd be nice to have a scooter to go around the grocery store, but you could still walk, which is better in terms of health outcomes? Voices: Walking. Senator McCaskill: Walking. So what are we doing? We're paying for the scooters. You know, it's [laughter], we've got to get back to preventative care. We've got to get back to...(Read Full Post)