Black conservative Lloyd Marcus on tour across America

Both of us type "A" personalities, my wife Mary and I, forced ourselves to take a break from emails, computers, faxes, and writing. We spent a leisurely Wednesday at our favorite New Smyrna Beach here in Florida. While chillin' in our beach chairs, a seagull landed about ten feet away. I tossed a piece of fried chicken about five feet from him. The timid seagull took a few hesitant steps toward the food and stopped. Suddenly, another seagull swooped down and consumed the free meal. I threw more pieces of chicken progressively closer to my chair which drew about a dozen seagulls. The original gull squawked and watched. I thought, "You wimp, everyone around you is feasting on chicken and you don't have the guts to take a reasonable risk." Too bad he doesn't have Obama to spread the chicken around. It is interesting how God has designed life that every achievement requires a little faith, courage and risk. Beginning today in Sacramento, Calif., I will be traveling and...(Read Full Post)