Axelrod's unsolicited email on health care reform

That community organizing thing with soaring rhetoric, so effective during the presidential campaign, isn't working so well now that the presidency has actually been won. Vague promises won't do, solid accomplishments are necessary. And large segments of the community, exercising their constitutional rights, have decided that being herded into government sponsored, government mandated health care is not an accomplishment, not the way they want to be organized. Panic stricken, President Barack Obama (D) and his community organizing aides, realizing that mocking and marginalizing opponents of their scheme isn't working, have decided instead to use the limitless funds of the government, ie, everyone's tax dollars, to push their plan forward. Today, Obama's senior advisor, David Axelrod sent out an e mail, at government expense, Something worth forwarding, claiming it was necessary becausesome of the old tactics we know so well are back - even the viral emails that fly unchecked and...(Read Full Post)