August 6, Hiroshima Day

Once again, the world remembers the first use of a nuclear weapon in war, as Hiroshima was virtually obliterated by a bomb dropped by the Enola Gay. Many people see this as a brutal act, a war crime in fact. But any such moral posturing avoid the hard truth of the lives saved by this destruction. Bookworm writes a fascinating account, calling her mother a "Hiroshima bomb survivor."My Mom wasn't in Japan when the Americans dropped the bomb.  She wasn't anywhere near Japan.  She was in Java, a civilian in a Japanese concentration camp, on the verge of starving to death.  But for the fact that the atom bombs immediately terminated the war in the Pacific, she would have died.  She didn't have another month or even another week.  She needed the war to end instantly.  It was the bombing at Hiroshima that enabled her to survive the war.Nor was my mother alone.  Truman didn't drop the bomb only to impress the Soviets or to play with an exciting new...(Read Full Post)