Anti-gun Propaganda from Time Magazine

In a Time Magazine article entitled "Obama's Mexico Mission: Keep Guns in El Norte" Journalist Ioan Grillo conjures up images of back alley gun deals where Americans sell sniper rifles, machine guns and other "heavy weapons" to Mexican drug lords who load them in unmarked panel trucks and smuggle them south. With all the melodrama and sensationalism of a dime store detective novel, Grillo tells us that "vast arsenals" flow south from the United States. "But seven months into Obama's administration the guns keep flowing south and show no sign of abating. Mexican government raids continue to turn up vast arsenals of brand new firearms that can be traced to shops north of the Rio Grande."   IOAN GRILLO, Time Magazine It would be despicably evil stuff, selling "vast arsenals" to brutal murderers who use them against innocent civilians and police. Luckily it's not true.  Virtually nothing in Grillo's article is supportable by...(Read Full Post)