Adam Smith on Pan Am 103

The families of the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie victims suffered great pain again yesterday when they learned the news Abdulbaset Ali Al-Megrah being set free after serving eight years in prison. Eleven days for each human being he slaughtered. Two hundred and fifty years ago, Adam Smith diagnosed the thinking of the Scottish authorities (and of gullible liberals everywhere).Such is the account commonly given of our approbation of the punishment of injustice. And so far this account is undoubtedly true, that we frequently have occasion to confirm our natural sense of the propriety and fitness of punishment, by reflecting how necessary it is for preserving the order of society. When the guilty is about to suffer that just retaliation, which the natural indignation of mankind tells them is due to his crimes; when the insolence of his injustice is broken and humbled by the terror of his approaching punishment; when he ceases to be an object of fear, with the generous and humane he begins...(Read Full Post)