A Modest Proposal for Health Care

I have found it: the grand compromise.  We know Barack Obama is a proponent of single-payer, government run health care He and others, such as the Communist Party, have backed off to the "public option" for now, as a way to get to that single-payer system.  Recently, Obama is hinting he could even live with merely a non-profit, co-op model instead of a full-up public option.On the other hand, Republicans have a plan that simplifies much of the taxing and regulation of health care, promotes competition among health insurance plans, and gives more control to patients and less to governments and corporations.The grand compromise should be obvious: adopt the Republican plan, and let the Democrats who want to, run a non-profit, co-op thingy that competes with all the other insurance plans.With their co-op, the Democrats could do whatever they want.  Since it would obviously be better than whatever the greedy, for-profit insurance companies would come up with, it...(Read Full Post)