Rasmussen's latest overall approval rating for President Obama: 47% -- a new low for him.Left-wing Bush-haters who soooooo despised him and felt, believe, just knew that Obama would be soooooo much better, would bring closure, unity, peace, love -- and above all, socialism -- to the oppressed and benighted American masses, will note that "the Messiah's" current approval rating, midway through His eighth month, is a mere twelve points above Bush's number, 35%, when Bush left office.  And need I mention that Bush's number came after eight years of "objective press" savagery.  Obama's comes after eight months of "objective press" puffery.In other Rasmussen Poll news, Pat Toomey, predicted, a mere weeks ago, to be toast in 2010, now holds a double-digit lead over Arlen Specter, who, if these numbers hold, has as much chance of being re-elected senator of Pennsylvania, as that other traitor, Benedict Arnold, had of being elected prime minister...(Read Full Post)