Rasmussen's latest overall approval rating for President Obama: 47% -- a new low for him.

Left-wing Bush-haters who soooooo despised him and felt, believe, just knew that Obama would be soooooo much better, would bring closure, unity, peace, love -- and above all, socialism -- to the oppressed and benighted American masses, will note that "the Messiah's" current approval rating, midway through His eighth month, is a mere twelve points above Bush's number, 35%, when Bush left office.  And need I mention that Bush's number came after eight years of "objective press" savagery.  Obama's comes after eight months of "objective press" puffery.

In other Rasmussen Poll news, Pat Toomey, predicted, a mere weeks ago, to be toast in 2010, now holds a double-digit lead over Arlen Specter, who, if these numbers hold, has as much chance of being re-elected senator of Pennsylvania, as that other traitor, Benedict Arnold, had of being elected prime minister of England.  Maybe less.  Add in Christopher Dodd's, Henry Reid's and (dare we dream?) Barbara Boxer's increasingly dismal prospects, and it appears that James Carville's prediction of 40 years of Democratic dominance might be a tad premature.

Republicans lead Democrats on Rasmussen's Generic Congressional Ballot for the seventh week in a row.
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