Your Tax Dollars at Work: Supporting Michelle Obama in the Manner

The figures are in.  As required by Congress since 1995, salaries paid to staffers employed in the West Wing of the White House must be publicly reported.  Most of you won't be pleased to learn that your tax dollars are paying $1,448,500 annually to provide the First Lady, Michelle Obama, with the staff she feels she needs to execute her duties as FLOTUS.   For purposes of comparison, please consult Dan Froomkin's 2004 White House Staff List-By Salary published in the Washington Post on June 13, 2004.  Tallying Laura Bush's staff from the list provided by Froomkin totals $561,325 in annual salaries for the former First Lady's staff.This number does not include White House maintenance or kitchen staff or the occasional pizza night with Barack and Michelle flying in the chef from a St. Louis restaurant to kick back and share some deep dish with 140 of their close personal friends.  Nor does it include date nights in Chicago.And it certainly doesn't include...(Read Full Post)