Will the Last Employers to Leave Michigan Please Turn Off the Lights?

Those wily Michigan Democrats have come up with some interesting proposals that would pour gasoline on the fire that is burning down the Michigan economy.  State party Chairman, Mark Brewer wants to test support for potential ballot initiatives that will:"give voters the chance to circumvent recalcitrant politicians in Lansing, he said, demonstrating that Democrats are "on the side of the people." The brainstorms the Democrats are proposing include:"Hiking the minimum wage to $10 an hour for all workers.Imposing a blanket moratorium on home foreclosures for 12 months.Cutting utility rates 20% across the board.Requiring all employers to provide health care to their employees. Hiking, by $100 a week, and extending, for six months, unemployment benefits."Where do they find these crackpots?  Hiking the minimum wage will produce an increase in the Michigan unemployment rate, which now is over 15 %  and should reach 20% before the summer is...(Read Full Post)