White House war with CBO continues

The Obama administration seems to have adopted the idea that one should never let the facts stand in the way of a government power grab - especially when those facts make you out to be a liar.The CBO has been a huge thorn in the side of the Obama administration as they try to get their health care boondoggle passed before people wake up and realize how truly bad their ideas are. Twice this month, director Elmendorf and his green eye shade wonks have directly contradicted Obama assertions on the health care reform bill which has given GOP opponents ammunition and Blue Dog Democrats weak knees.Last week, the president took the unprecedented step of calling Elmendorf to the White House, obviously to put pressure on him to get on the health care reform bandwagon and maybe make the numbers look a little better.This, Elmendorf obviously refused to do. And now, according to this piece at CNN , the White House is hitting back:The White House has criticized the Congressional Budget Office's...(Read Full Post)