Were we under cyber attack from North Korea?

The feds are playing this very, very close to the vest but evidence points to North Korea as the culprit in a rash of cyber attacks that hit sensitive government agencies over the holiday weekend and has now knocked out several vital networks in South Korea.Matthew Weaver of The Guardian has the grim details:South Korea has been hit by a suspected cyber attack similar to one that knocked out US government websites earlier this week, officials in Seoul said today.The suspected attack took out some of South Korea's most important websites, including those of the presidential Blue House, the defence ministry, the national assembly, Shinhan bank, Korea Exchange bank and the top internet portal Naver.Ahn Jeong-eun, a spokeswoman for Korea Information Security Agency, said the websites of 11 organisations had either gone down or had access problems since last night.South Korea's Yonhap news agency said military intelligence officers were looking into the possibility that the attack may...(Read Full Post)