We welcome Syria, our new trading partner

Now how likely is  that the Syrians will learn (under American tutelage, no less), and teach terror groups how to keep America and our allies from stopping terrorists? Will the communication technology we give to Syria be passed onto Iran, where it might be used to spy on its own citizens? Communications technology is a key strategic "weapon. After all, the Israelis were able to hack into Hezbollah's communication links during the Israeli-Hezbollah war. How will the selling of high-tech communications equipment to Hezbollah's sugar daddy, the Syrians, be employed so as to strip Israel of this high tech advantage? Will it be used to cripple the internet as the modern-day equivalent of the samizdat, the system Russian reformers used to help bring down the regime from within? Syria now trumpets that access to airplane spare parts will open the nation up to investment from multinationals: which is exactly what we do not want. How will the French respond, considering that Syria...(Read Full Post)