The President and the professor

So much for selling ObamaCare. The only real news coming out of the President's news conference last night was his outrageous slander of Cambridge, MA cops as "stupid". The cops' "stupidity" consisted of arresting his friend, Harvard professor Henry Louis  "Skip" Gates for disorderly conduct.Speaking of "stupid", how about a supposed expert on constitutional law jumping to a conclusion after admitting he didn't know the details of the case? Or for that matter, how about reassuring the American people about their ability to keep their existing health insurance after admitting to a blogger that he was "unfamiliar" with the actual relevant sections of the House bill he is touting?The police report on Gates' arrest is quite clear, and damning to Gates. So embarrassing, in fact, that the Boston Globe, which originally published it on its website, scrubbed it, lest its liberal readers know too much. No such inhibitions affected the...(Read Full Post)