One Step Closer to Losing Your Right to Health Care

Isn't the point of the Democrats' push to reform the health care system based on establishing health care as a right?  That's what the politicians say of course.  But in reality the result will be the exact opposite.  Part of the problem is that most Americans don't understand what a right is.  A right is not a guarantee that the government (i.e., other people) will provide you something for free.  We have the right to engage in religious expression, but that doesn't mean that the government pays for the construction of the church.  We have the right to peacefully assemble, but the government doesn't promise to supply your transportation.  You have the right to keep and bear arms, but don't expect the government to provide you with a free firearm and bullets.  You have the right to free speech, but the government won't grant you free radio or TV air time.  What makes something a right is not whether the government can force somebody else to...(Read Full Post)