Obama breaks campaign promise (yawn) and throws the Constitution under the bus

Barack Obama campaigned on the theme that he was the anti-Bush who would herald a new age (let's call it A.O.-the Age of Obama). Among the promises was that he would refrain from signing so called Presidential signing statements. The Wall Street Journal notes that he has broken this promise-and it has even riled Democrats.  With $108 billion in International Monetary Fund loan guarantees in jeopardy last month, White House economic officials begged, cajoled and cut deals with Democrats to secure passage of legislation boosting the fund's power. Days later, President Barack Obama announced he wasn't bound by any of the agreements.The ensuing flap over the president's June 24 signing statement is the latest in a series of clashes between the White House and Congress over an issue Mr. Obama once fought against himself: presidential fiat.As a candidate, Mr. Obama pledged that he wouldn't abuse the presidential signing statement, a declaration issued by the president when he signs a...(Read Full Post)