Obama booed by fans at baseball All-Star game

St Louis native Jim Hoft has the video of the president throwing out the first pitch at last night's Major League All-Star game where Obama was booed lustily by about half the capacity crowd.

Jim also refers to the "sissy pitch" made by our basketball-loving president. Even Bush #41 - a Yale ballplayer from way back -  had a hard time managing to throw a decent pitch with that unwieldy bullet proof vest on. And Bush #43 - in that dramatic appearance at Yankee Stadium after 9/11 - tossed a rainbow to home plate with a lot of arc. That's no ordinary vest obviously. It is beefed up to withstand not just bullets but bomb shrapnel as well. Let's cut Obama a little slack on this one although the intensity of the booing probably surprised him a bit.

But I always knew there was something radically wrong with our president; he's a lefty.

Play by play announcer Joe Buck got off the line of the night: "No bailout for the National League."

Final score: The AL beat the NL 4-3.