From those who really know how the govt. operates

Fedsmith is a daily newsletter that contains articles of interest to Federal employees.  Last week, they ran a poll asking if government control of GM and Chrysler would make their readers more likely, or  less likely to buy GM and Chrysler cars, or it it would have no effect.  While the survey isn't scientific, the results are nonetheless interesting - almost 1/2 of the respondents (47.7%) said they were less likely to buy a car produced by a government owned company.  When you consider that most of the respondents are government employees or retirees, the results are mind-boggling, and represent a huge hurdle for GM and Chrysler to overcome.

Other interesting findings:

Readers think that the future decisions made by the company will reflect the administration's political agenda. 69.4% say that future company decisions will reflect a political agenda; 16% say that decisions made by GM and Chrysler will not reflect a political agenda; and 14.7% are undecided.

Here is a link to the complete article:

Interesting comments from respondents (remember these are from government employees or retirees!):

Here are a few of the comments sent in by readers in response to this question. As the largest percentage of readers indicated they would not buy a GM or Chrysler, most of the comments reflected that sentiment. Here are samples of the reasons given for this response:

    • I will buy no product that I know is owned or controlled by the federal government.
    • I will not/never buy from GM or Chrysler exactly because of govt AND union fact, bought my first Japanese car 5 days ago...a Toyota, never even looked at GM or Chrysler.
    • I will however buy from Ford again as I did in Feb of this year. Neither company will get my business.
    • If I start looking for something new, Ford is the only American car manufacturer I will even consider.
    • GM still is too beholding (sic) to the UAW and can't or won't make necessary changes that are needed in today's competitive market. This is what caused their collapse in the first place.
    • The Govt should stay out of managing corporations. It should be looking to best manage the govt which it is not doing now.
    • I'll NEVER buy a car built by a US government owned company.
    • I've seen the Soviet built Ladas. I will be much more likely to purchase a foreign owned vehicle even if it is built in the U.S. (Nissan, Toyota, etc.)
    • Obama and UAW running a company? I wouldn't buy a water bucket from that bunch of Socialist thugs.
    • The government cannot run anything efficiently! Look at the post office, social security, medicare, and AmTrak!
    • I will not support socialism!
    • I'd buy a Yugo first.
    • I am definitely more inclined to buy a Ford if I decide to buy American.
    • Not supportive of Nationalizing Private also transferring banking to non-bailout Banking Institutions.
    • I feel Ford Mtr Co took a stand and refused bailout money. So I feel I should support the company with intergity first.
    • Have a VOLVO will keep a VOLVO. Toyota next choice. I will not support the Auto Workers Union, UAW, or an intrusive government.