More bad polling news for the Dems and Obama

For the second time since Obama took office, Republicans have been leading Democrats on Rasmussen's Generic Congressional Ballot for three consecutive weeks.  The gap between the two parties matches the previous record of three points; however, it is the first time that the gap between the two parties has been that wide for two consecutive weeks. If the GOP holds its lead for a fourth week, it will be a record.  Ditto if the amount of that lead exceeds three points.Right-track/wrong track.  The percentage of likely voters believing that "the United States is heading in the right direction," has been trending steadily downward since peaking at 40% in the May 4-10 survey, to 32% today.  The low is 26%, set during February 2-8.  Interestingly, the previous wrong-direction high, 66%, was set in that same week.  (Current wrong-direction = 62%.) (Read Full Post)