Is the Incredible Shrinking Economy Helping Obama? (updated)

Could the incredible shrinking economy be a short term boon to President Obama's poll numbers? Perhaps.  This week's good "earnings news" will be next week's bad employment data.Consider: Barack Obama's "index" in the Rasmussen Reports Daily Tracking Poll spiked up a tad today after several weeks of negative or flat movement.  His strongly disapprove versus strongly approve is now -5 after being in the -7 to -8 range for most of the past few weeks.So what gives? Certainly nothing related to Obama-care or Cap and Trade is helping. And I don't think he got a bounce from his All Star game "bounce" to home plate.  Of course, it could be a one day statistical aberration, though Rasmussen generally can massage those away.I say it's the economy, stupid.  Well, the stock market anyway.  The economy's outlook is so scary that corporations have been on a cost cutting (read lay-offs) binge since November.  They all have shrinking sales,...(Read Full Post)