Imagining a crisis

Said Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) at yesterday's Environment and Public Works Committee hearing (move the slider over to the 137:52 mark at this EPW video), as he cited the Global Climate Change Impacts in the U.S./SW region report:"...Human induced climate change appears to be well underway in the southwest. Recent warming in the Southwest has been among the most rapid in the nation. This is driving declines in spring snowpack and Colorado River flow.... According to climate scientists, if we fail to reduce global warming, vast area of the United States will likely face severe water shortages...."Prompted by memories of my sister describing massive rain accumulation in the Carlsbad NM area a few years ago, I went a-digging.....From the NOAA's Aug '06 Weather Highlights For NM:"...August 2006 precipitation was well above normal statewide with temperatures generally below normal...."From Sept '06:"...September 2006 was wet during the first half of the month and dry...(Read Full Post)