Dem congresswoman's idea of community responsibiltiy

If you think the Democrats care about the integrity of communities and believe the "it takes a village" rhetoric, think again. Congresswoman Laura Richardson couldn't care less about her neighbors in Sacramento. After being elected to Congress in 2007, the Long Beach Democrat abandoned her home in California's capital, and let it deteriorate, with three foot high weeds growing in the yard, impairing the value of her neighbors' homes in the upscale Curtis Park neighborhood..  Jeff Gottlieb reports in the Los Angeles Times: Neighbors have complained to the city, written letters and e-mails to Richardson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , but the three-bedroom house remains an eyesore. Neighbors just wish she would sell it or let it go into foreclosure, anything to get it into the hands of someone who would care."She shows total disregard for everyone in the neighborhood," said Sean Padovan, a retired police sergeant. "She ought to be embarrassed and...(Read Full Post)