Cronkite a hypocrite on advocating for clean energy

Although he later retracted his views , recently deceased newsman Walter Cronkite lent his stature, his power, as well as his professional voice to ads opposing the installation of wind turbines for the production of clean, cost efficient wind energy in the ocean off his Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts summer home.   

But Cronkite wasn't the only influential individual who used his power and his contacts to shear a wind farm from his front or back yard.  Other prominent individuals also opposed to the wind farms in the waters off the Massachusetts coast, where many wealthy  individuals have summer homes, include both the state's senators Ted Kennedy (D) and John Kerry (D). 

Oblivious to the noises of his junior senator's endorsement of clean energy --as long as it is somewhere else-- and the desire of a vast majority of the nearby residents,  Kennedy, in spite of his illness, threatened more lawsuits --and whatever else his considerable influence can throw against the Cape Wind, Cape Cod offshore windfarm--when it received approval from the federal Minerals Management Service last January.   

Cape Wind opponents vowed to keep on fighting the 130-turbine, 450-megawatt project despite overwhelming support of 87% of Cape Cod area residents.


Quick to respond to today's decision was longtime critic of the project, senior Massachusetts' Senator Edward Kennedy, who chided the action in a statement. Kennedy said he did not do not (sic) believe that this action by the Interior Department will be sustained as it would assure "years of continued public conflict and contentious litigation."

And just who would stoke that public conflict? And just who would fund that "contentious litigation"?  Why Senators Kennedy and Kerry, all the while speaking out for clean energy.

 Meanwhile, the wise Alaskan woman governor, with the richness of her experiences, has reached a better conclusion as to the  production of clean energy than wealthy East Coast men of power.