Who is afraid of Sarah Palin?

The enthusiasm among the numerous people "that cling to their guns and their religion" for Governor Sarah Palin's (R-Alaska) after her surprise announcement that she was resigning her job as governor for a wider role spurred 11,000 of them to pour over $200,000 into SarahPAC, bringing the PAC's total to just under one million dollars, according to a report   by Rebecca Sinderbrand and Tracy Sabo of CNN News.  

And this strong support for her from Middle America has MoveOn.org, the very liberal advocate organization and PAC, and Palin jokesterSenator John Kerry (D-MA) running scared.   Scared that her message of individual responsibility and freedom from government domination resonates with so many people, people they think should cling to them.     

So scared that over at MoveOn her portrait dominates their web page next to screaming headlines pleading for money. Or else...you know who will be elected.   

Palin is attacking Obama's clean energy jobs plan to keep us hooked on Big Oil and Coal. Her lies are a real threat because she gets lots of media attention. Can you chip in to run an ad to counter Palin's lies?  

But it is the MoveOn ad, and MoveOn itself, that is full of lies and is a real threat.  So-called clean energy as exemplified in "cap and trade" is a real job  killer and a heavy tax burden as she cogently explained recently in a Washington Post op ed

Drill, drill, drill in Alaska and elsewhere in the U.S. for the oil that we have for well paying jobs, she urges.  This will make the U.S. energy independent, reduce costs and--most terrifying to the MoveOn folks--unhook us from dependency on Big Government.  Her message has managed to come through even from the mostly negative media attention she has received.   

And MoveOn, whose director boasted over four years ago, referring to the Democratic party, "Now it's our party: we bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back," can't have that.   

And neither can Senator Kerry.  Responding to Palin's Washington Post op ed, he ran to the safe warm lefty confines of the Huffington Post and Daily Kos to attack her with weak answers that didn't quite answer her original points. 

She discussed energy, he argued climate change.   

Governor Palin need look no further than the view from her front porch in Alaska to see how destructive this crisis can be.


She focuses on energy production, but ignores the huge expansion of new, clean energy sources made possible through smart energy reform legislation.  

Well if Kerry were so concerned about clean energy he would have stood up to his boss, the senior senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy (D) and told him the view from the front porch of Kennedy's Cape Cod mansion would be just fine because the proposed wind turbines would be so far out in the ocean he wouldn't see them. 

But Kennedy, Kerry and all the other wealthy liberal people weren't having clean and cheap energy providing good jobs in their exclusive back yards so they stamped their collective feet and wouldn't allow it.  Meanwhile Palin negotiated an Alaskan  gas pipeline running through Canada which brought well paying jobs to her constituents while bringing clean, environmentally friendly, low cost energy to the rest of the country. 

No wonder those big boys are afraid of her.