Censorship at the ALA Convention

Perhaps it is time for all the librarians to get their heads out of their books to digest, and then practice, some of the solid information therein.  Many librarians are now at the American Library Association (ALA) convention where a panel informing librarians on aspects of ethnic diversity has been canceled because a speaker's views were. . .too diverse for the other panelists!  According to this / report in the Washington Times , three of the four speakers scheduled to speak as part of a panel, "Perspectives on Islam: Beyond Stereotyping" canceled because they disapproved of the fourth speaker, Robert Spencer.  Spencer, who oversees the websites JihadWatch.com and DhimmiWatch.com, which expose some unpleasant realities about Islam and its followers, has also written eight books about Islam, including The Truth About Muhammed: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion which was on the  New...(Read Full Post)