Big Mo turns against Obama

For the first time since the spring of 2008, Rasmussen's tracking survey shows approval for President Obama is down to 50%, with disapproval at 49%. Given the trend line, the survey result could turn negative tomorrow. Among those who strongly approve or disapprove, the numbers are 30% strongly approve versus 37% who strongly disapprove. Every other survey is also showing a deterioration in Obama's numbers, and it is not surprising that the President's legislative agenda items (healthcare reform and cap and trade, and his signature bill from the first 30 days -- the economic stimulus plan) are now showing majority disapproval (or in the case of the stimulus, a belief it has not worked).In light of this, a Rasmussen survey showing a dead heat in a trial matchup for 2012 between Obama and Mitt Romney, is not a great surprise. The Obama team, on the bad advice of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, delegated the stimulus bill, health care reform, and cap and trade to Congress and took a...(Read Full Post)